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NHL is a community organisation based in the United Kingdom. Our organisation started as a self help group in July 2010 and is funded by small contributions from members. It became a constituted group 30 January 2016 after the vote of members of the Management Committee and trustees.
We work to prompt the African French Community to release their full potential skills and live active, fulfilling and healthy lives as well as empower them to be part of the mainstream of society and play an active role in the local communities where they live.
We want to relieve poverty and isolation amongst this vulnerable group, advance their education, and provide services to improve social integration.
We are aiming to help an average of 120 people in our local community each week - with education, family support services, and access to emergency supplies. 
NHL has recently opened to our public in January 2016 as a community organisation, a small team of volunteers with no paid staff.
In Democratic Republic of Congo, we are a Local NGO and work closely with The Congolese Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs.
Our organisation supports street children in Democratic Republic of Congo, offering genuine love, targets self esteem, self confidence, self discipline and education as well as fighting poverty and hunger within the Country(DRCongo).
In the United Kingdom, we provide a comprehensive range of advice and information on a wide range of issues to the disadvantage groups within the community as well as a supplementary School for children aged between 4 and 11 from African Heritage.
What we do?
We run variety of different projects for African French Speaking Community, immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees, African heritage such as:
Children and Young People Activities
Supplementary education,
homework clubs,
sports (indoor and outdoor),
recreational activities,
trips and outings,
youth club
Advice and support Services
Free Counselling and Life Coach service in French or Lingala (for Victims of DV)
Our Objects are :
To relieve poverty, hardship and distress of Congolese women and African francophone refugees/asylum seekers living in UK, by the provision of a translation service and advice regarding immigration, health, social and welfare rights, housing, community integration education, training and employment issues.

To promote social inclusion for people who are refugees and asylum seekers who are socially excluded on the grounds of their social and economic position by providing interpreting/translating/advocacy/ health/housing advice and education.

To develop the capacity and skills of French speaking Africa communities, who are socially and economically disadvantaged so that they are better able to identify and meet their own needs and participate more fully in Society.

The prevention and relief of poverty in Democratic Republic of Congo by providing items and services to individuals in need.
We provide:
A free ESOL classes for adults:
Not being able to speak good English prevents refugees and migrants from getting a job and from moving on in life. We want to improve this situation by providing a free ESOL classes to enables people from African French countries refugee and migrants to:
¬ understand the systems and the new culture
¬ access health and other services
¬ get jobs
¬ move into higher skilled work
¬ support their children’s education
¬ feel safe in their local area
¬ become part of local communities
¬ contribute to London’s life
We want all refugees and migrants from African French Countries to learn English to improve their lives and their employment prospects.
We also want refugees and migrants who are already in low-paid, low-skilled jobs to improve their English, so that they can improve their job prospects. Often they have experience and qualifications from other countries which could be valuable to London.

Employment and enterprise skills

Coming to a new country can often mean a change in career for new immigrants.
When first arriving in England, people may need to consider working in a job that is different from their previous occupation. NHL offers strategies for identifying transferable skills to help immigrants find a new kind of work, to empower them so that they can take control of their economic lives such as interviews skills, CV writing and business start up.

Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing is a positive physical, social and mental state, and more than just an absence of illness. When a person feels well, they are more likely to value their health and make positive decisions about the way they live. NHL provides physical activities as well as mental support, workshops information session to refugee and migrants from French Speaking Community.

Advice Services

We provide information, advice and support to African French Speaking community on education, trainings, employment, self-employment, asylum and immigration, housing and related issues to assist them in making informed decisions.

Children and Young People Activities

Is an exciting different activities for children of all ages and abilities. The activities offer children from African heritage the opportunity to take part in a range of skills, games and competitions, make new friends and have fun whilst improving their education achievement.
MARIE-FRANCE NGUO BA(Hons) in International Relations, Peace &Conflict CHAIR
As young mum, Marie-France faced adverse challenges in life ended up in a women refuge, and struggled to find her voice. With freedom trainings, courage and determination, she made the decision to use her life experiences to shape her destiny, to use her voice and change other women and girls lives.
She is also a French speaker in addition to English.
Studying BSc Economics &Finance she has always been a highly regarded member for her work ethic, her input and commitment to the organisation. She has experience working in retails. She has an advance knowledge of handling Social Media and Internet and she has always had a way with numbers.
In Kinshasa...

BA (Honours) Business Management, has an excellent skill to perform routine clerical and administrative functions of NHL such as preparing projects, writing minutes, annual report, correspondence, scheduling appointments, organizing and maintaining paper and electronic files, or providing information to callers for good assistance.
New Hope for Life
New Hope for Life want to overcome the living conditions of orphans, street children and vulnerable, because we believe that it is not a gesture just for charity, but a protection of their fundamental human right, the right to live with dignity. We are grateful and open to a contribution of as little as a £1 to make the miracle happened.
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